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Index Card Magic

By: Evergreen Ruby LLC

Task Lists, To-Do’s, Organization, Flash cards, the list of uses for this app is endless. Better than other index card apps because we give you a side/slide menu to hold multiple project boards to hold index cards, with the ability to attach images, assign icons, due date, color, and numbers. "Thank you for such a great app. Its simple to use, and we found many uses for our students. - Tim C, Middle School Teacher, MN "This app makes story boarding and project management easy." -Amy D, Advertising Chicago, IL Start with index cards, organize your ideas, and share! You can convert your cards into an outline, script or book - each card can becomes an outline section or book page. Touch-to-Jiggle and arrange your index cards like app icons.

You can set priority, due date, card color, attach images, etc. Use the app to organize ideas, queue for emails, prioritize tasks, or to write a book. Export & Sharing options:

  1. Outline: Each index card becomes outline section showing index card number, title and text area
  2. Task List: each card shows as task with due date and priority level
  3. iBooks: your selected index cards will make up each book page. (fixed format epub)
  4. Script: Index cards show as colored scene selections in the output document
  5. Each card can also be emailed out individually Plenty of tools, plenty of uses:

  • Index cards that can be edited and arranged
  • Side menu holds multiple index card project screens
  • Color your index cards
  • Thesis card settings – simplify the cards like headings, and affect script output. The Thesis Card settings makes the index card like a flash card showing the title or question… open the card, and see the answer.
  • Apply priority levels; Red, Yellow, Green for low, medium, and high.
  • Icons can be assigned to cards
  • Due date with on/off
  • Check for completed
  • Attach images to cards (up to 4 images)
  • Outputs include outline, script, task lists, and epub books (fixed format)
  • Number your cards
  • Category and Project organization: Each Screen of cards is a project, you can have multiple Categories holding as many projects as you like.
  • Customize the background color of the app Use Index Card Magic for…

TASK MANAGER: use your cards as a place to jot down things you want to do, and arrange the cards using the same touch to jiggle like app icons. you can choose a due date, and you can can mark the task done with a green check mark. a convenient on/off feature allows you to display or hide the date you select.

SCRIPT WRITER: Using the the card’s color system, and Thesis card setting, your cards can be exported to a professional looking manuscript. The number and subject of the card are display in bold, and the supporting text describes each scene. Images are also displayed in the output, and each scene is highlighted by the color of the cards.

OUTLINES: Select more than one card and export to outline view, and each card becomes a section of an outline. The Thesis card setting centers and italicizes he subject and text of the card. The cards are displayed in order, and the outline contains the card’s number field, title field, and supporting text below.

BOOK WRITER for iBooks: Each card becomes a page. Text and images are shown on each page. Text size is optimized for one card’s worth of text shown on the page. Images show under the text on page in 4 image table format.

EMAIL ORGANIZER : Each card has a subject title, body text, and attached images if you like, perfect for composing and prioritizing emails. Select one or more and Index Card Magic wraps them up for you if you want to combine more than one idea into an email. Each Screen of cards is Project. (The screen will scroll sideways if many cards are created). Categories/Projects. Cut/copy/paste feature for moving cards to other projects. Dropbox Support: Backup or use to Sync your ipad and iphone Index Card Magic files using Dropbox.

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