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Appsquares Portfolio

Fruit Loot

By: Green Roof Studios Limited

Fruit Loot! brought to you by Green Roof Studios!

Catch the fruit, dodge the conkers! Sounds easy right? Well not so much! Incredibly fun and ridiculously addictive.

Help Barney and friends catch fruit to sell at the market, beware of those deadly conkers, use bee spray to stop bees attacking the fruit and be careful not to get hit by bird poo! it’s not so lucky in the world of Fruit Loot!

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Fire Actor

By: Diaspora Media LTD

Player has to battle different types of fire in order to receive various rewards the chief being a golden crown. Player needs to consistently tap hose to get water out. Fire must be put out before time is elapsed else level has to be repeated. A level must be completed to unlock the next.

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Zion Quest

By: Diaspora Media LTD

Embark on an epic adventure to reach Zion and receive the crown of salvation!

You will be faced with 40 challenges in which you must select the correct passage to proceed! Each challenge represents a passage from the bible in an illustrated form, it's up to you to find out the correct answer!

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Sneaky Snake

By: Unique apps

Try to maneuver this sneaky snake between those tree logs and try to beat your old score in this addictive game of nerves..A fun game for all ages, challenge your friends and try to beat their score..

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Grid Guru2

By: Primery Apps

Do you struggle with long multiplication?

Well, panic no more - Grid Guru is here!

Grid Guru uses the grid method of long multiplication that is taught in thousands of schools throughout the UK. It breaks the calculation down into manageable chunks for the user to complete it bit by bit.

Grid Guru will guide you through the different parts of the calculation until you get to the correct answer!

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Monty's Quest 2

Math Game

Monty is BACK!

Learn your multiplication tables in a BRAND NEW QUEST!

It’s fun and exciting and challenging as Monty the mouse heads out into the world on his never ending quest for cheese!

This is the follow up to the hugely successful Monty’s Quest which is being used in thousands of schools and homes in the UK, USA, Australia and lots of other countries.

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Press The Buzzer

Multi-Player Quiz Game

Press the Buzzer is a exciting Multi-Player Quiz Game.

Compete against players from all over the world. Invite your friends or play Randomly.

Play 2-4 players and be the first to Press The Buzzer to answer questions and gain points. Finish all rounds and become the Champion by beating all other players and gaining the most points.

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Enemy Dart

3D dart scoring games

Enemy dart is one of the best 3D dart scoring games on Itunes. A great and exciting new way of playing a dart game where users throw darts or any of the following items on different dartboards.

Purchase and use different objects to throw and get awarded extra points:

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Tank Shoot

Extremely simple and addictive

If you are bored from complex war game apps, modern warfare, sloppy tactics, this game is for you. Extremely simple and addictive. Even young kids can play it with ease.

Just target the flying planes from your tank. Move your tank to save yourself from the bombs dropped by planes.

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Blue Oceanbrain


We believe training is more than just pumping lots of information into people.

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